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ChatGPT Translator Plus

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With its array of buttons ChatGPT Translator Plus provides a gateway to the specific tasks of translating, paraphrasing, correcting and summarizing.  Our “Free prompt” feature empowers users to engineer their own prompts, something which can be a welcome aid to translators seeking context and writers looking for inspiration.  For instance, our ChatGPT Translator doesn’t just do translations. It can also create a bilingual glossary in a specific technical field.  Or the user can prompt ChatGPT to find a number of different examples of how a word, phrase or sentence has already been translated. Users can paste in a wide range of prompts crafted by subject specialists to generate the information needed to support their own creative work.  As ChatGPT output may differ (but still be correct) each time a task is run with the same input, ChatGPT Translator Plus can also serve as a powerful writing tool for anyone stuck for an alternative way of saying something or as an effective learning aid for students of English or other languages.

Our latest ChatGPT Translator has a number of new buttons providing new features.  The “Import document” button enables users to import a whole document – a text file or pdf – into the input area. You can then deploy our “Chunk size” feature to specify how much of your document you submit to the AI model at a time.  With the “Translate file” button you can translate a complete file sentence by sentence.  ChatGPT Translator Plus saves the translation both as a text file and as a TMX file which can be imported straight into any CAT tool like memoQ,  Trados Studio or WordFast.

ChatGPT Translator Plus  runs under Windows 10/11.  The price of £35 is a one-off payment for the download and a lifetime licence.  Once the software is installed on your PC, the only other payments will be to OpenAI depending on your usage and your selected account.

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