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GPT Translation Client

Our ChatGPT Translation Client is a user-friendly gateway to OpenAI’s well-known powerful Artificial Intelligence models. It empowers the user to harness state-of-the-art neural machine translation models to translate from and into hundreds of languages.  It can also paraphrase, correct and summarize text.  ChatGPT’s performance of these tasks is surprisingly good and its paraphrasing and summarizing results are often comparable  with the work of human authors and editors. While it’s possible to access OpenAI’s models via a browser our desktop client provides simple entry points to the specific tasks of translating, paraphrasing, correcting and summarizing.  As the paraphrasing output will differ each time for the same input, this application can serve as a powerful writing tool for anyone stuck for an alternative way of saying something or as an effective learning aid for students of English or other languages.

The application runs under Windows 10/11.

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