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Tagalog-English Neural MT

Our latest product – the “offline” Tagalog-English Neural Machine Translator – has been developed using the latest Neural Machine Translation technology.  It is designed to translate Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) from and into the language spoken by more than half the population of the Philippines.  Input can also be spoken or pasted into a translation box and translated directly. This Neural Machine Translation system is an ideal language tool for anyone who needs to translate short documents between Tagalog and English.  The Tagalog-English translator is also a handy learning aid for students of the Tagalog language. 

This software product – based on the latest neural machine translation technology – is entirely self-contained and will run on a Microsoft Windows PC or laptop with 8GB of RAM.  It does not need an Internet connection so any document you translate stays on your computer and is not sent into the cloud!  For more information on this Neural Machine Translation system check out our Knowledge Shop.

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