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Where data become language

We are the people who turn data into language. We do this with Neural Machine Translation (NMT). This revolutionary technology uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning solutions to deliver translations which are more accurate and natural sounding than those generated by previous machine translation technologies.

In the 1990’s we built a Dutch-English machine translation system  to translate the documentation for the HSL-Zuid project, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Dutch history. Today we are committed to applying the latest developments in neural machine translation technology, particularly to African and South-East Asian  languages.

With many decades’ experience in the language industry, our founder Terence Lewis has the expertise and insight to guide you through the complexities of AI based machine translation and the knowledge to turn your data assets into cost-effective translation tools.

Whether you want a cloud based neural machine translation set-up, an on-premises configuration  or a device-based solution, we can build cutting-edge translation systems to meet your specific requirements.  And, as your language consultants, we can impartially help you make the right choices in every sphere of modern language technology.

Free Online Translation

We deploy neural machine translation models to translate simple sentences to and from a variety of languages

Our Key Services

We offer a range of services from turnkey translation projects to language consultancy.   Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise built up over more than 40 years in the translation industry.

Human + AI =

By combining human expertise and artificial intelligence, MyDutchPal is giving businesses and their customers the ability to engage faster, understand each other, make smarter choices and create more memorable experiences.

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