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System Building
We can put artificial intelligence and deep learning to work for you in a customised machine translation system. We can import your bilingual data assets as a basis for building a bespoke system for you. This new system will generate translations that incorporate your specialist terminology and will become your property.
Fine-tuning is the key to adapting a general-purpose model to your company’s use case. A fine-tuned model will produce the terminology and style used in your business.
Language Technology Consultancy
With over four decades experience in the translation industry we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with confidential advice on all aspects of translation and language technology. In particular we can assist you with
Turnkey Machine Translation
Our Turnkey MT Service is Dutch-English/English-Dutch neural machine translation with human care and attention.
Automatic Summarization
Abstractive summarization involves shortening a text (page, paragraph, full document) and creating a new document using machine learning software.
Building tools for translators
Our founder Terence Lewis has spent his whole working life in the translation industry as a translator, lexicographer and business owner.
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