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System Building

We have built baseline neural machine systems for all the language pairs on our demo website at We can put artificial intelligence and deep learning to work for you in a bespoke neural machine translation system.
If you already have parallel texts (texts with source language & translation) we can use these as a basis for building a customised system for you. If you don’t have such material we can usually build a useful baseline system from freely available public resources.
Your own neural machine translation system can then be placed on a secure server “in the cloud” or on a dedicated server located in your offices and accessible only on your corporate network. If security and confidentiality are your top priority, we can also supply an offline NMT system which will run on a PC (even on a basic Asus Zenbook) without any Internet or other network connection being needed. Our language independent offline neural machine translation system can be adapted to meet your machine translation needs.
For further information on our neural machine translation system building services please get in touch via our contact form.