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Multilingual Translator

Our latest NMT product is our Multilingual Translator.  Inspired by  Facebook Research’s NLLB (No Language Left Behind) project this AI-powered application lets the user translate  screen input and documents between 200 different languages. For instance, you can translate directly from Asturian to Afrikaans or from Basque to Zulu.  Unlike most other multilingual translators using neural machine translation this desktop software can be used without an Internet connection.  This makes the app ideal for use in situations where total security is paramount or a network connection is unavailable.  Running on Windows 10/11 the Multilingual Translator works best on a PC or laptop with 8GB RAM  but will produce translations on a basic machine like an ASUS ZenBook.  Whether you need to translate a set of PowerPoint slides into Kimbundu or an Excel spreadsheet from French into Maltese you’ll find our Multilingual Translator a handy communication tool that makes language barriers a thing of the past.

The neural machine translation model underpinning this translation app is released by Facebook Research under a CC-BY-NC licence. The great news is you won’t pay a penny for the actual use of this cutting-edge AI-powered tool. It’s royalty-free for your personal use forever.

However we are making a one-off “basic charge” of £65 to cover the cost of packaging the neural machine translation model as an app in a familiar GUI and providing e-mail support during the first six months of use.
Our intention is to provide a useful personal language tool for translating simple sentences between 200 languages without using the Internet. As a bonus this translation package can serve as an educational tool or language learning aid, thereby reflecting the aims and aspirations of the team behind the NLLB project.

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