Communication is the key to successful business relationships, especially nowadays when the reality of the working world and the globalized professional market has forced a metamorphosis and language skills can no longer be taken lightly. Post-covid, physical location (city, country, or even continent) is no longer a constraint. Your employees  are in contact with  foreign colleagues and customers daily, both virtually and in person. Therefore the company’s energy should be focused on the realization, implementation, and success of the project rather than on the efforts invested and time wasted to ensure a good understanding and overcome language barriers.  

Advanced AI based language technology is a key tool for achieving these aims.   Its implementation can take the form of remote interpreting, machine translation (in the cloud or “on premises”),  enterprise chat translation or translation on a handheld device. To be effective, it is essential to diagnose the language strengths and weaknesses within the organization. A language technology audit  allows an organization to identify those areas where language technology  can assist employees in their communication with foreign colleagues and customers.  These assessments look at all a  company’s activities which involve oral or written interactions with foreign customers, partners and colleagues and highlight those areas where employees could be assisted by the use of AI based language technology. Requirements for language technology will vary from one business to the next.  A customer support organisation may benefit from a system that directly translates communications in a chat environment.  A company that needs to scan huge volumes  of data in many languages every day will be looking for a machine translation system that can process millions of words in an hour.  A scientific research organisation would be well served by a neural machine  translation system designed to translate scientific documents in a specific branch of science to a “near human quality” standard.  Requirements vary and there is an  exciting range of language technology tools to meet these requirements.  Our language technology audit is designed to identify such requirements within your organisation. You can purchase a voucher for a language technology audit in our “Knowledge Shop”.